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Newsletter #23
March 28, 2013

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User News & Announcements

Background Checks and Texting: New Integrations with BVCMS

Protect My Ministry is one of the leading vendors that runs background and credit checks for churches. We have teamed up with them to provide through BVCMS a seamless way for you to request and track background checks for your volunteers. Click HERE to read more.

Twilio is a low-cost texting service, and we have now completed an integration so that you can send texts through BVCMS. Texting is the primary means of communication for many in your congregation, so you will want to look into this. Click HERE to read our recent blog post and find out how you can take advantage of this new feature.

As always, when we work with third-party providers such as Protect My Ministry and Twilio, BVCMS receives no fees from them nor do you pay any more for our services. You establish an account for your church directly with these vendors and are billed by them. Our job at BVCMS is to provide better tools for ministry. And that is what we are doing when we add these services.

Better Helps for our Clients

Everyone learns differently. Some people learn by reading; others learn by watching and listening. We try to provide BVCMS Help in both ways. In addition to the usual Help Documentation links at the top of each page in BVCMS, we have begun posting short how-to videos on youtube. Click HERE to access BVCMS on youtube. If you have a Gmail account, you can subscribe and receive notifications when we post new videos.

Uploading PDF Documents - More Flexibility

When we first added the ability to upload documents in BVCMS, it was strictly for one use: a volunteer application. Then we added the ability to upload a document on the Membership Profile. Again, this was for one purpose: membership information document. The document just displayed a PDF Document. However, we found that many churches needed the ability to upload more than one document relating to each of those categories, which meant we needed to retain the original document name. Now, you can upload more than one in each of these two locations on a person’s record and be able to distinguish them. You can also go back and rename documents that were uploaded previously. Click HERE to read more.

New Way to Create a Tag

If we can remove clicks and make something easier, we try to do so. This is one of those cases. When you click Add All under the Tag heading on the toolbar, you are now presented with some new options. Click HERE to read about this if you missed the blog post.

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