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Newsletter #21
December 18, 2012

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User News & Announcements

New Checkin Software

We have made a number of changes to our checkin software over the past several months. One of the best changes is the ability for us to push changes to you, so that you get the latest software version automatically without having to uninstall/reinstall. Another change is the ability to support both 1-inch and 2-inch labels on any label printer you prefer. This is an important update, since we will no longer be supporting any previous versions of the checkin software after the first of the year. Read more.

Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree

Bellevue Baptist Church, one of the sponsoring churches of the BVCMS project, has presented their Singing Christmas Tree for the past 37 years to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season in the Memphis, TN area. Fox News Channel's morning show, Fox and Friends, featured a story on Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree December 14. The story features interviews with Mark Blair, Minister of Music, and other participants, plus the history and legacy of the Singing Christmas Tree. Click the video below to watch!

New Filtering for Small Groups

Be sure to take note of the new features available relating to Small Groups within an Organization. One feature relates to how you can filter for one or more Small Groups. Read more. Another is an easier way to filter for individuals. Read more.

Bulk Mailing Labels

For those of you that print labels for your bulk mail (instead of using postage software), we recently added a new label option which allows you to sort by zip code. Read more.

Online Registrations Made Even Easier

Last month, we debuted our latest innovation for setting up online registrations. It is the ability to pick from a menu the options you want, arrange them how you want, and even have as many as you want. For example: you need 4 sets of checkboxes, but don’t need any dropdowns. Not a problem! Read more. Prefer a video? Click HERE.

Coupons - Better than Ever

Earlier this month, we added a new user role which allows a person to create multi-use coupons. If this is something you could use at your church, read more.

Transactional Emails - Resend Feature

Do you ever want to resend an email confirmation for a person who registered but cannot find their confirmation? Now you can! Read more.

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