Subject: BVCMS - Ministry Focused Software Newsletter #20

Subject: BVCMS Newsletter, Oct 2012


Newsletter #20
October 30, 2012

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User News & Announcements

Volunteer Management Has Arrived!

You really do not want to miss this new feature, so check out this blog post which includes a video debuting our new BVCMS Volunteer Management feature. This has been in beta for a couple of months and is now in ‘Open Beta’ which means it is out there for all of our BVCMS churches to use, even though we are still in development.

Really Cool Addition to Online Registrations - Checkbox Headers

This new feature gives you the ability to organize your checkboxes under headers. Sounds less exciting than it really is. It is revolutionary for those of us that do online registrations. For those who have not yet used online registrations, you should give them a try. Read more about these new headers for checkboxes.

Compact Directory

This 3-column directory can be generated for an Organization, Small Group, Tag, or Search Results and contains names of all family members and contact information. It is organized in a neat, compact format so that you can print it, if you want, without using tons of paper. Hence the name Compact Directory. Read more and see a sample.

Private Notes

Whether you call them Private Notes or Confidential Notes, they are the same thing - information about an individual that is needed by a certain user or groups of users that does not need to be seen by anyone else. Read more and find out how you can make use of this feature.

Search, Search, and more Search!

Search Builder - New Name

You may have noticed that the word Query is missing and is now named Search Builder. Why did we do that? Read more.

First-Time Giver Search Condition

We have made it even easier to find those who have made a contribution for the very first time in a given number of days. You might use this to communicate with and thank those donors or you might just want to see the results of a stewardship campaign in terms of new givers. Read more.

Quick Search - Not Just for People

Take a look at why we added this new capability to search for people and organizations using quick search. It makes quick search truly quick for all sorts of ways you search. Read more.

6 Ways Search Can Help your Ministry

In this blog on, you can learn how searching effectively can save money and improve your ministry. Read more.

Search for Help and Find it

Are you having problems finding the help article you need? Read more for hints on how to search our help documentation for exactly the article you need.

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