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Newsletter #18b
August 12, 2012

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Hope you enjoyed reading about our team in the special edition of our newsletter last week. In this newsletter, we are back to our regular announcements of new features and upcoming development projects. You can find past newsletters here.

User News & Announcements

Registration Reminders

If you use BVCMS, you know that online registration is a HUGE feature that saves you tons of back-office work and makes event registration so much smoother for small, medium-sized, and very large events. These include everything from small group sign-ups to community-wide conferences. Because online registrations are such a big part of BVCMS, we added yet another feature - the ability to prepare reminders ahead of time for an event that can be sent later with one click of a button. Read more.

Tasks Management

Tasks are used by most of our BVCMS churches for everything from following up with weekly guests to tracking hospital visits and a lot of other things in between. One of our ministers who assigns tasks needed help in managing those tasks. So, we created a new query builder condition that allows him to find everyone who has not completed an assigned task. Read more.

Online Contribution Statements

We promised that it was coming, and now it’s here! If you have any type of user account on your church’s database, you can access your giving statements online - both your online and cash/check contributions. Read more.

Admin Corner

Transactions Log

BVCMS tracks all online transactions and has a Transactions Log page that Admins can view. Because of our newer online giving features, we added more components to this page. We even added a new user role so that you can open it up to other users in addition to the Admin. These enhancements make it an even better tool for managing all of your registrations that involve payments or donations. Read more.

New Managed Giving Report

We have been working hard recently to add more features relating to online giving. One of the latest features is the Managed Giving Report. This gives your Contributions Clerk a report of everyone who has set up managed (recurring) giving on your database. Read more.

Some Help Printing Statements

The next time you generate contribution statements for your church, notice the new options. You can choose to either print All Pages, Set 1 (one-pagers), Set 2 (2-pagers), etc. Having these options will make it easier for you when you are folding and stuffing those statements, now that you can print the one-pagers separately from the two or three-pagers.  Read more.

Developer Notes

Internationalization Project, First Phase Complete

If you will remember, in the June newsletter, we announced the Internationalization Project in which we described three phases: 1) localized dates, 2) other, non-ASCII character sets, and 3) a non-English Language user interface.  We are excited to announce that we have finished coding the first phases of this project. Dates can now be displayed as day/month/year or as month/day/year depending on your locale. This is a database level attribute that you specify in two settings.

We are offering this to churches in Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand, and other countries using these date formats. If you have been holding back on your decision to move forward with BVCMS, and this was the reason, let us know. We'll help you get started. In the near future, we will write a blog about the settings needed. If you can't wait, let us know!

Volunteer Management

Our colleagues at Redeemer are testing our continuing project to build a nice Volunteer Management system into BVCMS. Up until now, we have provided a way for you to set up volunteer organizations with a special type of registration where volunteers can commit and choose their preferred time slots for their service. This has worked well and has allowed staff to manage and easily notify those scheduled to work in the next week. We have been working on some nice new features. Read More.

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