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ISSUE March 2017

New Beginnings

Don't you love new beginnings? They are times for fresh starts; leaving what is behind and pressing forward. We are not forgetting the past, because we learn from those experiences. However, our eyes are looking forward, excited to see where God leads us this year.

One huge benefit of our new relationship with Pursuant is the makeover for our TouchPoint newsletter (which you see now) and other communications. You will begin to understand why we are so excited about this new association. Our becoming part of Pursuant will provide many advantages not only for those of us employed by TouchPoint, but especially for you, the clients, of TouchPoint.

While we expect positive changes, in many ways things will stay the same. How is that possible? Well, TouchPoint is still called TouchPoint and you will continue to receive the same excellent support that you have told us you value. We will also make changes to the product as we always have and at a similar pace. We publish new features all the time. You never have to wait for the yearly update in order to benefit from changes.

We pray that God will bless your ministry in 2017, and that your efforts to touch lives will be manifested in ways you can never imagine.

Tips for your Touchpoint Toolbox

We understand how busy things can get and want to make sure that you stay up to date with some of our latest Touchpoint Tips.


Email a Newsletter from a Ministry instead of from a Person

See how to create records in your database for various ministries, so you can email "on behalf of" that ministry. Recipients will recognize the ministry name even if they do not know the individual sending the email. This makes them more likely to read what you are sending. There are other benefits as well.

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Manage Spam Reports

If you are receiving returned emails or calls from church members who are not receiving your emails, then you probably need to read about how Spam Reports work in the context of TouchPoint emails.

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Limit Number of User Selections for User Selects Online Registration

This is a great solution when you have multiple orgs available for a User Selects type of registration and you want the person to register for just one of those options.

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Check-In Solutions for Grandparents or 2 Sets of Parents

TouchPoint has a Parent Extra Value, a setting called ShowChildInExtraValueParentFamily, and a PIN# that are tools to make check-in a happier experience for blended families and/or grandparents (or aunt, uncles, friends) who bring children to church. Read more about TouchPoint Check-In if you are not currently using it at your church.

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New Features you may have Missed

Background Check Report

If your church is usingProtect My Ministry for background checks, you will want to take a look at this new report. It is aSQL recipe that your system admin can add to your database.

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Export Contributors with Statements

This feature is part of generating contribution statements. It is an option to get an Excel spreadsheet of everyone that was included in your statement file for that date range. You can use it to print labels if you do not want to use window envelopes. You can also use this to find those people for whom a statement did not generate and find out why. 

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Menu - People > All Records

This is a pretty simple addition, but it does save you a few clicks if you want to go directly to Search Builder and view all the records in the database.

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New Recipes for SQL (Structured Query Language)


Average Attendance for Organizers

With a simple copy-and-paste technique, you can use our SQL recipe to create this attendance report in your database.

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Attendance Change Reports

These are two more reports for which we have SQL recipes: Attendance Change and Attendance Change Detail. The first report gives you the percent of change for members of your specified orgs, and the second report shows the detail used to calculate the change. Either can be used without the other.

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