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'Tis the season! But for what? Joy? Worship? Or just hustle and bustle? Let's face it, working at a church during one of our most important seasons of the year can be stressful. Don't let the busyness of doing the business of 'church' rob you of the wonder and joy of Christmas!

Take time to reflect on on the amazing gift we have been given - Christ, a substitute for us and our sins. Think back to the joy you experienced when you accepted Him as your Savior and let others see that as you minister during this special time of year.

Christmas is not, as many would say, all about family and giving. It is all about Jesus and why He came. I'm praying that I keep that in the forefront of my mind and that you will, too, so no one misses the real reason for the season.

Let's take a look at what you might have missed that we've added to help you with your ministry.

Task Search and Manage

We told you last month that this was coming and it is here - a new Task Search and Manage page, along with a new user role to allow ministers or other staff members to manage all Tasks. 

Search Builder - First with Same Email

This is a great new Condition! You find your target list in Search Builder, and then add this Condition if you want to make sure only one email is sent to the same email address. This is different than previous Conditions in that you can use email replacement codes.

Email Replacement Code for Birthdate

These codes are so helpful when you send email. This one just lets you send the date of birth that is on a person's record in order to have the person verify that it is correct.

Another SQL Recipe - Average Monthly Attendance for Orgs

We continue to add more recipes to give you new reports. This recipe looks at multiple organizations and gives you the average monthly attendance for a given date range.

Mobile App

If your church is not taking advantage of TouchPoint's Mobile App, you are really missing out on a very cool tool that is at your disposal. Every church gets the free version of the app - both Apple and Android. This version allows you to search for people (and see the person's photo), record attendance, and complete Tasks and Contacts. Also, churches can choose to purchase other options on an ala carte basis. Read more about this wonderful feature that is becoming more and more popular among our family of churches.

What's Coming?

We have some very exciting news that we will tell you about after the first of the year. So, be sure to watch for our newsletters and subscribe to the TouchPoint News Blog. When you subscribe to the blog, it is delivered directly to your inbox. 

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