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  New Android Check-In App

It is here!  We have completed the new check-in application for Android devices. This new app is the first release in our project to rewrite Mobile Check-In. We will later release a version for iPads, which will replace the older BVCheckin app.

Why is this so exciting? It is exciting because this is our first Check-In app designed specifically for Android devices. This will allow you to make Check-In happen anywhere you want it. These can be hand-held, locked in a stand, mounted on a counter – the choices are yours to make. These devices can be purchased relatively inexpensively, but will do the same work as the standard TouchPoint Check-In.

What about printing labels? You can print labels using this app just like you can currently from the BVCheckin app on an iPad. We have step-by-step instructions to guide you in setting this up at your church.

Download it now at Google Play. Look for TouchPoint Check-In.

TouchPoint Check-In is also in the Amazon Appstore and this app will work great with their Amazon Fire tablets. These can be purchased very inexpensively. We actually have a little 7″ Fire tablet and it works great!


Are you using the TouchPoint mobile app?

If you are not using the mobile app, you should be! Every church should at least be making use of the free features for people search, attendance, and tasks and contacts. These are the features your staff and lay leaders need to have at their fingertips. But don't stop there! Many churches are starting to see the benefits of the outward facing features of the mobile app. The online giving and registrations is a huge benefit to your congregation in making it easy for them to give and register for events. Don't stop there either! Brand the mobile app to your church's look and feel. We are currently working with several churches to brand the mobile app to their church and will be glad to help you with yours too. Check out how Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN branded their mobile app.

What Is Coming?

We are working on an update to our current iPad check-in to bring it up to the new look and feel of the Android Check-In app. It will be out in the next couple of months. We will be starting on a project in a few weeks to update our Volunteer Management. We are in the process of determining a list of features to incorporate and improve upon. If you have suggestions that would benefit all of our churches, please let us know. We will not be able to incorporate every suggestion but we do want to know how we can improve upon our current system in a way that has the most benefit for our customers. Please send any suggestions to


Awesome Moments

Do you ever have a moment in your service where you know you are experiencing something special? Not that worshiping our Lord on a regular basis is not special but you know what I mean. A moment where you know this service is going to be different.  You feel the electricity in the air. This past Sunday night, Bellevue Baptist Church, one of our sponsoring churches, had the group Veritas in concert. The group was backed up by the Bellevue choir and orchestra. The opening song was such a powerful song that it brought everyone to their feet in the middle of the song. It set the stage for a wonderful evening. Afterwards, I was talking with some of the Veritas group and found out that a couple of them are members of Redemption Church in Mobile, AL. Redemption Church happens to be a customer of TouchPoint. This reminded me that many of our customers have similar experiences and it would be great if we can share those experiences with others. If you have something special that takes place at your church and you want to share it, please send it to us and let us post it on our facebook/twitter pages to share with others. Videos are great but not necessary. I hope you will take a few minutes and view this video of Veritas' opening song.


TouchPoint Summer Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day - TouchPoint offices will be closed Saturday, May 28th - Monday, May 30th.

Independence Day - TouchPoint offices will be closed Saturday, July 2nd - Monday, July 4th.

Labor Day - TouchPoint offices will be closed Saturday, September, 3rd - Monday, September 5th.

During these times, only support requests with a priority of "Emergency" will be addressed.  All other requests will be addressed on Tuesday after the holiday.


What Do You Like About TouchPoint?

We are always looking for feedback on what you like about TouchPoint and would love to be able to post some of your thoughts for our testimonials and references. If there is something about TouchPoint that you think others would be interested in, please email us a short testimonial or better yet, send us a video. You can use your phone to record a short video of something you like about TouchPoint that we can post to let others know what our customers think of our product or service. Video does not have to be professionally done. Please send these to


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