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TouchPoint Newsletter #3

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We hope and pray that you enjoyed a blessed Easter and are experiencing the beginnings of a beautiful spring season. As we have entered into this traditional time of spiritual renewal, which is so perfectly demonstrated in God's glorious creation; we are also experiencing a bit of a renewal within TouchPoint.

The new organization page made its official debut on April 9 when we made it available to all users. We handled this rollout a little differently than normal. Prior to its going public, we gave you daily sneak peeks through the use of short videos and brief blog posts. Based on the response we have received, that approach worked well. You were prepared and even eager to experience the new page for yourself.

If you missed any of those, our last post on the subject has a link to all 6 videos. Click HERE

Another part of our renewal is our new user interface that will make the entire application mobile-friendly. There is some new functionality, but it is mostly esthetic changes that you will notice. You will not have to wait long for this. We plan to roll this out in the next 3 weeks. Look for more information soon.

Speaking of new things, below is a video Bellevue created when we debuted the TouchPoint app here at our church. By the way, it is showing just the features available to the regular member in the pew, not those available to leaders. Because the rollout here at Bellevue has gone so well, we plan release the app to all churches very soon.



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