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Newsletter #27

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User News & Announcements

We have a lot of catching up to do in this newsletter! There are exciting things happening at BVCMS.


Earlier this year, we hired Bryan Lyle as our new CEO. After working part-time for the first part of the year to wind down some previous commitments, he has now transitioned to full-time. Bryan will oversee and direct all aspects of our business and growth plans. He has years of experience in software support and services in the manufacturing and medical industries. He serves as a deacon and volunteers in the welcome center, check-in, and valet parking ministries here at Bellevue using BVCMS. We are very pleased to have Bryan’s leadership at BVCMS.

New Support Staff

As our clients know, Bethany and Karen have been our “Rock Stars” in support, documentation, webinars and training. Recently, we have hired two new Support Analysts! Andrew Triplett has been with us for several months now and has quickly become a top contributor. Will Whitworth is our newest Support Analyst and will add his experience and professionalism to the team.  We know our customers will continue to be delighted with our outstanding support team.

New Developers

David and Steven have been holding down the fort on the development front. But now we are thrilled to have David Mohundro and Brian Lankford on our development team. These men have extensive experience in church software development on the same development platforms we use. You will see lots of improvements over the next year with these guys on the team.

New Branding Coming

On the marketing front, we have been working on a rebranding initiative and are excited to be rolling that out before the end of the year. This involves a new name and a new marketing web site. You will be seeing some announcements about that in the near future.

New App Coming

We will be releasing a new iPhone and Android App for BVCMS in early 2015. This App will be geared towards both the regular church member or guest as well as staff and lay leaders. Functionality will be added throughout the year in phases including features like online giving, videos, podcasts, maps, custom pages, prayer forums, staff-only functionality, dashboard metrics and more. Stay tuned for updates.

Projects Recap

Below is a recap of a number of projects we have blogged about since our last newsletter.

New Documentation Project

We are in the process of rewriting all of our help articles. There are over 600 articles in case you haven’t noticed! Some of the articles that you will link to below or from the blog posts are still not rewritten. This blog post explains more about that. Thank you for bearing with us in this monumental task. We are doing this for you, our users. Be sure to thank Karen for all of her hard and excellent work!

Registrations and Email

In the last year, we have added some really big new features as well as some smaller ones relating to online registrations and sending email.

Reports and Attendance

Over the past few months, we have posted about several new features relating to taking attendance and reports.


We have published several new videos in recent months that relate to the new user interface we published in January this year. These are on our BVCMS YouTube channel :

Finance and Contribution Features

We have made several enhancements for our finance users that relate not only to their tasks, but also to contribution statements. Some of these features are enhancements for your donors.

Miscellaneous New Features

Here are some other posts about new features that do not fit the above-mentioned categories.

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