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Newsletter #26
January 15, 2014

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We have a new Look!

It is still in beta now, but we have released it to everybody and are encouraging all of our users to begin using it. The Admins have been looking at it for the past week and a half while we have been tweaking and fixing bugs. Here is a blog post we have posted to introduce the new UI to our users.

If you are a potential client and have looked at the demo database before, you are invited to check it out too.

We have been working on this project for about 14 months. It has taken a lot longer to do than we ever dreamed it would. And we are not finished with it. We figure it will take us another year to finish all of the pages and documentation to go along with it. For the next several months, we will be hosting both the new and the old user interface. Basically, we have three views of the pages you use in the system.

  1. The old look -- This will remain available for the next several months while we transition to the new UI completely.
  2. The new look -- There are 5 major pages that have been rewritten from scratch sporting the new look. Those are 1) person page, 2) Search Builder page, 3) Saved Searches, 4) Contact Search and 5) Contact Details. These pages have counterparts that still exist in the old look.
  3. A hybrid old and new look -- these pages have not been converted to use a pure new look. They have been retrofitted to work with the new menu and have some new styles, but basically they function exactly like the old pages did. Some of these old pages, such as Organization, Meeting and Postbundle will be using new Search/Add dialog boxes from the new look.

So, what's left to do during the next year? First, we are concentrating on getting the new look stabilized for everyone to begin using on a regular basis. Second, we are going to get caught up with some other pressing projects we have been putting off for quite a while. Third, we are working on some new versions of our Mobile Apps. Finally, we will be working on converting the remaining pages to a pure, rewritten version of the new look.

User News & Announcements

Below is a digest of what we have published recently to our BVCMS blog. If you are a staff user, you will want to subscribe to this blog so you get the latest news. This blog is where we notify our users about important changes. Not all of them will apply to all users, but if you are an Admin, you need to especially take notice of these. In the sidebar to the right on the blog, you will find several ways to be notified of any new posts. Probably the simplest is the Follow Blog via Email link.

For those of you that are reading this newsletter because you are interested in BVCMS but are not yet a client of ours, thank you for your interest. Let us know if we can answer any questions. You can get pricing for our hosting and support on our website (click the logo at the top of this email). Also, there is a contact form for you to get in touch with us, or just reply to this email. We would be happy to do an online demonstration for you. There are many training and informational videos on our BVCMSCOM Youtube channel.

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